Étude House eyebrow pencil

A good eyebrow pencil is always good to splurge on. For me, I like more grey or ashy toned eyebrow pencils. I think they make it look more natural. The color I have is in shade number 2 and ordered mine off of Amazon from Étude House. which is a Korean makeup brand that is both drug store and high end. At first I was kind of skeptical because ordering stuff online is kind of scary because you never know what goes into the product.
This eyebrow pencil has a brush on one end and then an angled tip with the actually product on the other. I would swatch the color, however the color only shows up when use on the brows. For some reason if try to swatch it, the color doesn’t show up. It’s strange but blows my mind at the same time! :O
So far I really like it and it’s super easy for on the go an the shape if the tip makes it easier to apply. Plus it’s a good thing to put in your bag because it has a brow groomer! 😀



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