Favorite 5 lipsticks for winter


Hello! How is everyone’s day so far? 🙂 here are my five favorite lipsticks, drug store and high end, for winter. Keep in mind these are great for fall also. ^-^ all of these has their perks and flaws but they are all worth to try.


I put these two together because of the similar plumish undertones. The one on the left you have seen before, my Maybelline Whisper in the color ” 100 A Plum Prospect”. Super affordable at around 5 or 6 dollars, will give you a sheer wear but the color is build-able. The one flaw is that it has some sparkle in it but not much, whereas the perk is that it is easy on the go.
The one on right however is Mac’s famous lipstick called “Rebel” which was mention before also. A bullet comes at about 15 – 17ish dollars depending on which line you purchase but texture of this one is super velvety, moisturizing and the color pay off is amazing. The only flaw to this one is that it is that because it is so pigmented the application could get a bit messy but the deep color it gives is beautiful.


I apologize for the lack of consistent lighting I these photos. Haha. >.< I organized these two photos because of its redder undertone. Any whooooo what I’m wearing on the left is a lip stain by Loreal in the color ” 187 Infinite Fuchsia “. The stain lasts long which is perfect for school and I’ve gotten complements when wearing this. 😉 it is a glossy stain so it does not dry out the lips but the flaw for this one is that it is hard to apply on evenly. At least for my lips it tends to come on to my lips as a little patchy. I do not think it is a dupe for the YSL glossy stains but for around 8 dollars it is worth it. 🙂
The color on the right is the Maybelline Elixir in the color ” 010 Celestial Coral”. I’m usually not a huge fan of gloss but this one I fell in love with because it was not sticky. Its super shiny, moisturizing and the  color payoff is  pretty good. The only flaw to these is that I think the packaging is deceiving.  When bought this, the color on the outside looks like a dusty medium rosey color but it turned out to be a more of a cooler pink which is still pretty, just not what I expected. The perks are that it comes around 6 dollars or so and has a wide rang color. 🙂

Hope you try some of these out! 🙂



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